Jay “Hollywood” Hughes

Jay “Hollywood” Hughes

Jay Hughes - Log Lift24 year old Jay hails from Chatham, along with his long time training partner, Mick Holding. Jay has had a successful couple of years in competitive Strongman events, with five podium finishes from seven events in 2007, including three 1st places.

Coming from a successful body building career, Jay has already gained a year on his three year plan to qualify for the Strongman Worlds, just missing out on a qualifying place by making 7th in Britain’s Strongest Man in 2007.


1st Britain’s Most Powerful Man
1st London’s Strongest Man
1st Britain’s Strongest Man - South East Qualifier
7th Britain’s Strongest Man - Final
2nd UK’s Strongest Man - Southern Qualifier
2nd England’s Strongest Man
5th UK’s Strongest Man - Final

I caught up with Jay at a recent Strongman Training Camp at “The Ministry of Muscle”..

SC: So, a busy year last year then Jay?Jay - After the Farmers

JH: Yep, I had a 3 year plan. Qualify for the Britains in 2007, get to the Britains final in 2008 and qualify for the worlds in 2009. Basically I gained a year by getting to the Britain’s final in 2007, so a great start. I needed a top 5 to qualify for the worlds, so just missed out on that by two places.

SC: Before we go any further, how did you pick up the name “Hollywood”?

JH: That goes back to my my first couple of strongman competitions, I had a TV interview one day followed by a front cover shot on a magazine [Muscle Mob]. The guys I train with came up with it, they reckoned I’d hit the big time!

SC: So you came into strongman through body building, what made you make the switch?

JH: A number of things, but basically the cost, the lifestyle and the politics of competition. With strongman it’s black and white; you either lift it or you don’t. I had some poor

Jay “Hollywood” Hughes

decisions in some body building comps and basically had enough of it.

SC: How long have you been traning with Mick Holding?

JH: About 5 years. Mick used to join us when he was on leave from the Army. Mick did some novice body buidling comps in the early days, but we both got into strongman at about the same time.

SC: Presumably you have some big plans for this year?

JH: Well there’s the Britain’s South East Qualifier on May 3rd. That’s different this year in that there are only guaranteed places for the top two in each qualifier, so that’s 12 places. Last year the top four in each qualifier went through. So there are eight other places up for grabs - all of them are ‘wild cards’. That means other things like your reputation and your ability on the day come into play if you want to get one of those. The only one who’s getting a bye is Terry [Hollands].

SC: So it’s going to be pretty competitive then?!

JH: I’m pretty confident that I’ve done enough to get there, but I’m not resting on my laurels - I never do. There are three other things I want to accomplish this year. One; flip all 5 “Fingals” fingers - we’re Jay - Log Lift - Aerial Viewtrying to get some made for practicing, but it’s proving difficult. Two; complete 3 barrels on the deadlift and lastly, complete the ‘car walk’. That’s a bit like a 400kg Super Yolk, but made much harder because the car is supported by straps - so it swings.

SC: Well hopefully I’ll be around to capture all three of those achievements for the readers of this site! Thanks Jay and all the best for 2008.

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