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I Could Show You..

Posted in BSM, Events on June 12th, 2008

Shhhhhhh…....but then I’d have to shoot you.

All I can say is that we were there for the heats and the final and we got some great shots of this remarkable event, but you’ll have to wait till September to see them!

Rich Takes First At The Ministry

Posted in Events, UKSM on June 5th, 2008

Rich Gorvin takes control of the Axle LiftThere’s no stopping Rich Gorvin - ask his Dad, he tried hard enough! After recently nabbing a wild card spot for next weeks BSM final at Minehead, Rich kept his pedal on the gas to clinch first place at last Sundays Southern Qualifier for UK’s Strongest Man 2008, held at the Ministry of Muscle Gym in Aylesford, Kent. Big Paul Carter grabbed a well deserved second and Paul Cater - in only his second open class competition - grabbed a further qualifying spot with a solid third place. Following disappointment at the BSM qualifier, Enzo Martino digged deep to grab fourth on countback (from Rob Frampton) and will join Rich and the two Paul’s at the UK Strongest Man final later this summer. Full write up and more photos will follow real soon.

Overall Results

1st Rich Gorvin (54.5 points) Qualified
2nd Paul Carter (52.5 points) Qualified
3rd Paul Cater (47.5 points) Qualified
4th Enzo Martino / Rob Frampton (43 points / Enzo qualifies on countback)
6th Dan Haxall (41 points)
7th Sol Bhati (40 points)
8th Lawrence Browne (32 points)
9th Ali Moderasi (28.5 points)
10th Calvin Gardner / Rob Hughes (28 points)
12th Keith Green (11 points)
13th Wayne Lockwood (6 points)

The Battle for the South: Part Two

Posted in BSM, Events on May 12th, 2008

Lawrence Browne attacks the Tyre FlipMike Walsh prepares to flip..Tyre flip was next and with Jay out of the running - for this qualifier at least - it was between Jimmy an Oli to take the prize. Read the rest of this entry »

The Battle for the South: Part One

Posted in BSM, Events on May 10th, 2008

Ever wondered what two 135kg briefcases might do to your hands?!As the midday sun reached it’s highest point the temperature at the Southern Area Qualifier 2008 was about to follow suit. Twelve athletes were preparing to do battle for just two guaranteed places at Britain’s Strongest Man 2008. Which two would it be? There were some fantastic Strongmen ready to go head to head, in what was promising to be the best qualifier Phil Wright had put on in years. Read the rest of this entry »

Jimmy, Oli, Rich and Jay Go Thru’ For The South

Posted in BSM, Events on May 4th, 2008

Jimmy Marku and Oli Thompson celebrate 1st and 2nd at the BSM Southern Qualifier 2008The Isle of Grain was home to a new source of power yesterday, when the south’s top strongmen assembled at the Fen Bell Inn for the BSM Southern Qualifier. Read the rest of this entry »

How The West Was Won: Part Two

Posted in BSM, Events on April 30th, 2008

With two events completed, early bets were on Jamie Redwood and Ross Stone to pick up the two BSM qualifying spots. Though with only one point separating the two, the order was still open for question. Read the rest of this entry »

How The West Was Won: Part One

Posted in BSM, Events on April 29th, 2008

The Competitors (L to R: Christian Clay, Richard Smith, Matthew Jones, Jamie Redwood, Ross Stone, Richie Allen, Gerard Matthews

Sunday 27th April 2008. The day the qualifier that nearly never happened… happened.

Thanks to the last minute intervention of Laine Snook (himself, former Rolling Thunder World Champion), the strongest men west of the border assembled at the head of the valleys, to compete for the title of Strongest Man in Wales and two precious places in Britain’s Strongest Man 2008.

Read the rest of this entry »

Jamie Redwood Wins The Qualifier That Nearly Never Was..

Posted in BSM, Events on April 27th, 2008

brecon-bsm-5685-edit.jpg Twenty nine year old ex-premiership rugby player, Jamie Redwood, powerered his way to 1st place in the Welsh qualifier for Britain’s Strongest Man held in Brecon earlier today. Despite a painful back injury sustained just 4 weeks ago, Jamie stormed to an impressive win with 32.5 points out of a possible 35 in what was his first BSM qualifier appearance. Ross Stone grabbed the second BSM qualifying spot with 29 points. A full event write-up with photo’s and video will be posted later this week. In the meanwhile, the overall results were as follows:

  1. Jamie Redwood (32.5 points)
  2. Ross Stone (29 points)
  3. Gerrard Matthews (25.5 points)
  4. Matthew Jones (16 points)
  5. Christian Clay (13.5 points)
  6. Richie Allen (12 points)
  7. Richard Smith (11.5 points)

What Does It Take To Win A BSM Qualifier?

Posted in BSM, Interview on April 23rd, 2008

Well - in the case of the Midlands qualifier for Britain’s Strongest Man 2008 - it seems a 300kg deadlift for 13 reps is a good starting point… Read the rest of this entry »

Coming soon.. Powershotsmag Heads West

Posted in BSM on April 23rd, 2008

Welsh FlagPowershotsmag will be covering the Britain’s Strongest Man Qualifier in Brecon on Sunday 27th April. Check back soon for a full write up and photo’s.