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“Big Mick” Takes First At Britain’s Most Powerful Qualifier

Mick Holding training earlier this year at the Ministry Of Muscle“Big Mick” Holding nailed first place at today’s Britain’s Most Powerful Qualifier - his first event of 2008. Rob Hughes takes up the story..

[Pic: Mick training earlier this year at the Ministry of Muscle]

“..Another great competition at the Ministry of Muscle Gym. The qualifier for Britain’s Most Powerful man took place today with 14 of the country’s finest. They were fighting for the top 8 places to join Jay Hughes and Jimmy Marku in the final. I’d like to say thank you to steve & gina. Also a big well done to Mick Holding for winning, which was his first comp this year after an operation a couple of months ago.

Laurence Shahlaei came 2nd with a very confident performance, Wayne Tunstall - who is improving every time I see him - especially on the stones, Rob Frampton - another comfortable performance by the big man and Adam Townsend always there.

Oli Thompson gave a “man of the match” performance - with busted ribs and torn biceps - to come 6th. How he put those last 3 stones up god only knows! Respect to you Mr. T! Scott Heaton and Paul Carter came joint 7th with good performances.

The top 8 people qualified for what should be a cracking final. Well done to you all my friends who competed. On a special note I’d liked to wish a speedy recovery to big Dave Waters who injured his knee on the first event.”

The Full Results

Event 1: 95kg Farmers - Timed Over 50M

1st Laurence Shahlaei 18.56
2nd Mick Holding 20.34
3rd Wayne Tunstall 20.64
4th Rob Frampton 20.72
5th Richard Hudson 21.43
6th Kelvin Gardener 21.95
7th Scott Heaton 22.09
8th Paul Carter 22.25
9th Adam Townsend 22.44
10th Oli Thompson 22.82
11th Martin Jones 23.57
12th Ali Modaresi 23.61
13th Laurence Browne 24.22
14th Dave Waters - Injured

Event 2: 120kg Log Press -  Full Reps in 90 Secs

1st Mick Holding 12
2nd Oli Thompson 10
3rd Martin Jones / Scott Heaton /
Adam Townsend 8
6th Ali Modaresi / Rob Frampton / Paul Carter / Laurence Shahlei 7
10th Wayne Tunstall 6
11th Richard Hudson 3
12th Kelvin Gardener / 
Laurence Browne 2

Event 3: 165kg Anvil - Walk For Distance

1st Laurence Shahlaei 91.88 m
2nd Wayne Tunstall 89.90
3rd mick holding 65.40
4th Oli Thompson 56.88
5th Kelvin Gardener 56.30
6th Adam Townsend 53.12
7th Martin Jones 52.10
8th Scott Heaton / Rob Frampton / Paul Carter 50.00
11th Ali Modaresi 44.70
12th Richard Hudson 37.50
13th Laurence Browne 25.00

Event 4: 280kg Deadlift - Reps in 60 Secs

1st Laurence Shahlaei 11
2nd Mick Holding 10
3rd Paul Carter / Martin Jones 7
5th Scott Heaton / Adam Townsend / Rob Frampton 6
8th Ali Modaresi / Richard Hudson 4
10th Kelvin Gardener / Wayne Tunstall 3
12th Oli Thompson 2
13th Laurence Browne 0

Event 5: Atlas Stones - 110,130,140,150,160kg - 1m from platform

1st Wayne Tunstall 5 34.27
2nd Rob Frampton 5 42.11
3rd Mick Holding 5 44.89
4th Laurence Shahlaei 5 48.13
5th Adam Townsend 5 1.05.11
6th Oli Thompson 5 1.19.32
7th Martin Jones 4 21.89
8th Paul Carter 4 31.64
9th Richard Hudson 4 32.82
10th Scott Heaton 4 35.49
11th Kelvin Gardener 3 22.86
12th Laurence Browne 3 55.54
13th Ali Modaresi 2 19.80

FINAL PLACINGS (Top 8 Qualify)

1st Mick Holding 64
2nd Laurence Shahlaei 60.5
3rd Wayne Tunstall 48.5
4th Rob Frampton 47.5
5th Adam Townsend 45
6th Oli Thompson 41
7th Scott Heaton /
Paul Carter
9th Martin Jones 39.5
10th Kelvin Gardener 3
11th Richard Hudson 29.5
12th Ali Modaresi 23
13th Laurence Browne 9.5
14th Dave Waters - Injured

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    Mick Holding…


  2. John Power Says:

    how do we contact powershots mag?

  3. Mandi Hudson Says:

    Hi Mick,

    Well done. Keep it up


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