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The Battle for the South: Part Two

Lawrence Browne attacks the Tyre FlipMike Walsh prepares to flip..Tyre flip was next and with Jay out of the running - for this qualifier at least - it was between Jimmy an Oli to take the prize. Paul “Cuddles” Carter - all 29 stone of Strongman - showed some of his talent, but Paul sometimes suffers from competition fumbles and today was not going to be an exception.

A gallery of images from this event can be viewed here

Paul Carter and “That last stone”..Jimmy Marku blasts his way through the truck load..As the final event rolled around, what should have been Paul Carter’s chance to take his place at the final, was thwarted by a 110kg stone. Cuddles can pick up a 110kg stone like a boy on the beach picking up pebbles, so what went wrong? Was it Phil’s powdery stones or Paul’s lack of tacky? Either way, Cuddles must be kicking himself.

As Jimmy and Oli went head to head, Jimmy kicked the proceedings up a notch. Oli was left to watch as Jimmy loaded the third item - a barrel - while Oli was still on his second item - a stone. You could see the look of surprise in Oli’s face as Jimmy went into the lead and beat Oli by just half a point. Ultimately, both Jimmy and Oli would go through with a guaranteed place in the final, with a second ‘wild card’ spot going to third place Rich Gorvin from Portsmouth.Paul Cater and Sol Bathaiee go head to head in the truck load.

So, who will be Britain’s Strongest Man 2008? Has big Terry Hollands got a battle on his hands? Or are we all in for a big surpise? We’ll see you at the final to find out!

Phil Wright deserves a big round of applause. If it was not for people like Phil in this sport, who year in, year out, put on these comps, this sport would never get any bigger or better. We all know there are people in the sport making money out of the sport, but we don’t see them doing enough for the sport or the athletes. So again, I say well done Phil.

Phil Wright and the boys - Without whom this event would not have taken place.While mentioning Phil, let’s not forget the people we never really see - the crew. Phil’s team; Harry, Stevie and the boys never let Phil down. No matter how bad the weather is, they work their butts off lugging that equipment back and forth until the last athlete finishes the last event. SO AGAIN WE SAY WELL DONE TO YOU ALL.

A gallery of images from this event can be viewed here.

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